Roof Ventilation

It is difficult to believe that so much natural light can flood previously dark and dull areas. We can now easily work in our office during the day without switching on lights.

R & C Ruddle

Our roof ventilation systems extract the hot air from your roof space to create a cooler and more comfortable home.  An inexpensive way to reduce the need for air-conditioning and an absolute must for homes exposed to the long hot Queensland summer.

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  • Passive - Wind Turbine

    The familiar wind turbine is an inexpensive and energy efficient option for ventilating a roof space. Designed to harness even the slightest breeze to help remove hot air, and with replaceable bearings to ensure that your turbine will never stop spinning.

  • Active - Motor Vent

    Add a fan with exhast capacity of up to 300 litres per second to actively suck the hot air out of your roof space. These fans have the capacity of up to 5 wind turbines

  • Passive - Static Cap

    The simplest and cheapest way to release hot air from your roof cavity

  • Active - Thermostatically Controlled Vent

    The optimal solution for roof ventilation. These systems use a thermostat to monitor the temperature in your roof space and operate your fan accordingly. The result is the most efficient and effective roof ventilation system on the market.