Solar Star


The solar star is a compact and ideal ventilation solution, preventing roof heat from building up in the summer and help eliminate condensation in winter. 

Sleek, slim & silent!
This unit will look smart on any home roof and it's whisper quiet operation, means you won't even know it's there, even at full speed

Leak proof using a seamless, one-piece flashing, our solar star systems are completely leak proof once installed.


· 10 year warranty on roof flashing and metal ventilation components.

· 5 year warranty on solar panels, controllers and motor

The solarstar vent by Solatube is the ultimate in natural ventilation. Powered by a solar panel on the vent cap, this fan will outperform many electric fans, but requires no electrical connection and will never cost you a cent to run.

Being solar-powered, this fan kicks into high gear when you need it most – the hotter and sunnier it is outside, the more this fan does to reduce the heat in your home.

Solar Star Brochure

Roof Ventilation


Passive - wind turbine

The familiar wind turbine is an inexpensive and energy efficient option for ventilating a roof space. Designed to harness even the slightest breeze to help remove hot air, and with replaceable bearings to ensure that your turbine will never stop spinning

Active - motor vent

Add a fan with exhaust capacity of up to 300 litres per second to actively suck the hot air out of your roof space. These fans have the capacity of up to 5 wind turbines

Passive - static cap

The simplest and cheapest way to release hot air from your roof cavity

Active - thermostatically controlled vent

The optimal solution for roof ventilation. These systems use a thermostat to monitor the temperature in your roof space and operate your fan accordingly. The result is the most efficient and effective roof ventilation system on the market

Bathroom & Toilet | Rangehood



Bathroom & Toilet

We carry a great range of bathroom ventilation.   All products come backed with manufacturer warranties and most can be integrated into a skylight system of your choice.

Our ventilation is always carried to the outside of your home, not into your roof cavity to build up moisture and mould.


Our rangehood ventilation is customised to suit your needs and will be ducted to the exterior of your home, not into the roof space to attract mould and pests.