Solar LED Lighting

The summer heat is here!

Call us to book installation of the Solatube SolarStar vent today and we will give you $70 off to beat the heat this summer!

You have turned a dark hallway into daylight, we are very happy with the result! Thank you.

John B

Energy costs are staggering but the good news is, solar-powered lighting  is here!

LED offers the most energy efficient, cost effective lighting for your home, and brings solar powered light that will never cost you a cent.

Take a look at the quality products we offer, there’s a solution for every dark area in your home.


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  • Solatube Smart LED

    Introducing Solatube Smart LED, a 24-hour home lighting solution that delivers up to 94% in light energy savings. This revolutionary system combines advanced LED technology with state-of-the-art daylighting for unparalleled energy efficiency. It also operates automatically, lasts longer than traditional electric lights, and is virtually maintenance-free. And that adds up to big savings for you.

  • REDi-lite - The Revolutionary way to light your home

    Start enjoying the benefits of solar powered full spectrum light in your home or office. REDi-lite offers a Green Energy solution for light starved areas and is becoming a product of choice for ever increasing high density housing environments where shading from other buildings encroaches.

    The REDi-lite Spectra system can be installed in almost any location unlike traditional skylights where building structure and difficult roof lines can often dictate placement.

    Installation is also a breeze, simply mount the solar panel on the roof then run the interconnecting cable down to your REDi-lite light fitting... It’s that easy!