Square & Rectangle

Thank you for the great service I experienced. From the initial enquiry to the installation, it was stress-free and very professional. Your recommendations were very in-depth; I’d recommend your company to anyone that is seeking a professional job done in their home.

J Stehmann

EconoLite, DomeLite, PolyLite, DayLiter & DayLiter Plus

The solution to the problem of an exhaust fan installation in rooms where a skylight has already been or is about to be fitted (e.g. bathrooms, kitchens, laundries). A Lenco skylight exhaust fan can be installed in the skylight to extract air and vapour, helping to maintain air freshness and keep the walls and dome of the skylight cleaner.

The fan is simple to install in both glass and acrylic skylights.

  • EconoLite, DomeLite, PolyLite, DayLiter & DayLiter Plus

    Cast Acrylic, High-impact resistant acrylic & polycarbonate domed skylight featuring…

    • Available in cast acrylic, hi-impact and polycarbonate.
    • Suits all roof types – tile, corrugated steel, slate.
    • Opal, Clear and Prismatic glazing available.
    • Optional fixed ventilation and exhaust fans.