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Energy efficient, and technologically advanced, tubular skylights are incredibly versatile.
Your options are many, depending on the performance you require, and the budget you have available. Everything from the Solatube daylighting system with the amazing new glass diffuser options, through to an economical flexi-tube skylight. We carry a comprehensive range to make sure you get the result you are looking for. We have provided information on our skylights on this page for you. 

But you may be asking yourself "Which tubing?"

Well, the correct grade of reflective tubing will save you money and ensure that you’re not left in the dark.

Your choice will depend on a number of factors including shaft length, roof aspect, room size, decor and purpose.

There is no such thing as ‘one size fits all’ in skylights, however our professional staff will assess your unique situation and make sure you get the right product for the job.


Brighten up Daylighting System


Our 160ds and 290ds solatube daylighting systems set performance standards never seen before.

The most technologically advanced tubular skylight ever seen, it will deliver nearly double the effective daylight capture surface of similar size copycat products.  So effective, they will transform the darkest of interior rooms to larger open plan areas to brilliant daylight.  You’ll be amazed at the results.

· 99.7% reflectivity

· ‘no heat’ guarantee

· Purest colour rendition

· Glass decorative fixtures and diffusers

· Square diffusers available

Brighten up Daylight Brochure

Heavenly Intelligent


  Our middle of the range product,  heavenly intelligent provides you with effective ray bending technology and is the most affordable of our high-quality tubular skylights.   Technology such as 'spectralite' (97% efficient) tubing and a patented 'intelligent' dome, allow for both low and high angled light to be absorbed – which means more light at any hour of the day.

Manufactured in tough transparent polymers designed to stand up to extreme weather including hail storms, the all-in-one moulded roof flashing eliminates any possible leaks.

With a 10 year warranty, the heavenly intelligent is hard to beat in terms of both quality and economy.

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Where budget and natural lighting needs are modest, econotube combines the premium quality roof top component from the solatube skylight design with economical below the roof line components to offer a low cost tubular skylight.


· Two sizes 250mm and 400mm to suit home or workplace application

· Mechanical ventilation add on kit to supply fresh air and natural light in one ceiling fitting.

· Passively vented model for areas where passive air flow is desired

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Ventilated Skylights



We offer ventilated versions of all of our skylights, and in most cases you can choose from passive (thermal) or active (mechanical – fan driven) ventilation to suit your specific needs.

Whether you require passive airflow for a stuffy wardrobe or a high-powered exhaust for a steamy bathroom, we have a ventilated skylight option that will suit you.

Solve your lighting and ventilation problems at the same time with the appropriate ventilated skylight from our comprehensive range.

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A Solatube ventilated skylight combines both natural light and ventilation into the one ceiling fitting.

Atlite roof windows

Roof Windows



Our range of Atlite roof windows have been developed to suit Australian conditions (unlike the european models that require their windows to be on a certain roof pitch).  Atlite is a manufacturer of premium roof windows and natural lighting solutions in Australia, with over 50 years in the skylight and roof window business, Atlite is uncompromising in quality, design, manufacturing,  and construction.

These well-crafted products are literally a window that can be fitted to your roof, providing amazing views to the sky above and an attractive feature for your room, particularly if you have cathedral (pitched) ceilings.