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Tweed Heads Roof Ventilation Solutions

Are you worried about your attic being too hot? Are high electric cooling bills driving you crazy? Skylights Plus, the installer of Tweed Heads roof ventilation, hears you. We have been transforming people’s homes and keeping them cooler for over eight years. We will give you a professional evaluation of your home’s ventilation needs, and an estimate that works with your budget.

You won’t regret the decision to put a roof vent in when you start seeing your monthly savings. With so many options, from basic wind-driven roof vents to Solar Star, it’s important to have someone knowledgeable help you make the best choice. If you choose our solar option from Solar Star, you’ll get great results with no ongoing costs. This option, in addition to being environmentally friendly, ensures there is no additional charge for a wiring hook-up, and you get a product that works whether it’s windy or not.

Proper Roof Vent Installation in Your Tweed Heads Home is Critical

At Skylights Plus, our focus is just on skylight and roof vent installation in Tweed Heads and the surrounding area, so you know you are getting the right person with the experience and skills needed for the job. We have over 20 years of experience in the construction industry. Don’t trust just anyone with your roof. Vent installation is usually quick but must be done properly to maintain the integrity of your roof and make sure that water has a pathway around the vent and down to the ground – not into your home. Flashing must be installed in a precise manner to keep leaks at bay.

A practised installer knows their products and which models work best on which roofs. They also take the roof material, roof space, and pitch into consideration. With all our experience, you really can relax knowing that we have it all covered. 

Roof Vents Help Avoid Mould in Wet Rooms

You can also use roof vents for clearing moisture out of wet rooms such as bathrooms and toilets. Damp rooms can lead to mould, which is a serious health hazard. Symptoms of mould exposure include allergy and asthma symptoms, and sometimes immune system problems. Once mould sets in, it is hazardous to remove without taking many precautions to prevent the spread of mould spores. You can avoid all this by using proper ventilation to reduce the humidity level.

Even in bathrooms with windows, a roof vent can ensure that proper ventilation is achieved and give you peace of mind even if it’s too hot or cold to open the window. Skyvision also offers many skylight options that can be installed separately, or combined with the interior part of your vent for convenience. A skylight can add a beautiful touch to your home, bringing in natural light and creating a sense of openness in any room. Skyvision is an authorised installer for Solatube, makers of incredible skylights that you can add to almost any location.  

For more information on roof ventilation in Tweed Heads, or to book and appointment, contact us on 0412 199 066.

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