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Need Roof Vent Installation on the Gold Coast?

Are you looking to cool down your house or vent a wet room with a roof vent installation on the Gold Coast?

Roof vents are an ideal way to help cool your entire house, for a fraction of the cost of what you spend on air conditioning. When it gets hot, your air conditioning system can work overtime, putting an undue load on it and making your electric bills skyrocket. Some homes never get cool enough despite running their air conditioning constantly, making for an unpleasant living situation. A good roof vent, properly installed, can reduce the strain on your system and save you money.

At Skylights Plus, we fit all types of roof vents on many kinds of roofs. All it takes is the right product in the right spot on your roof, and all that trapped hot air gets blown out, along with the insulating effect it had on your home. 

Roof Ventilation on the Gold Coast Helps Prevent Mould

Roof vents are also critical for removing excess moisture from the air in wet rooms like bathrooms and toilets. The high humidity in these rooms, aside from being uncomfortable, can lead to the development of mould, a serious health risk. It’s important to engage a construction professional in determining the right type of vent for your home's structure.

We have over 20 years of experience in the construction industry, and over the last eight years, we have installed skylights and roof ventilation on the Gold Coast. You can trust us to evaluate your home and recommend the right vent for both your home and your budget. We offer a personalised evaluation of your home and installation by the owner himself. For Gold Coast roof ventilation, you won’t find a better, more experienced company.

Options for Every Budget

We carry many roof vent options, from wind-powered options, to electrical and solar. For the best performance and lowest operating costs, Skyvision is proud to offer Solar Star solar-powered roof vents. With a Solar Star roof vent, your yearly operating cost is zero. You’ll get years of performance with no cost past the installation. Plus, with our competitive pricing, Skyvision will install your roof vents for a price that won’t break your budget. For an even better value, you can add a skylight to your roof vent for the ultimate combination of practicality and beauty. There is nothing quite like real daylight to brighten a room. Or, for that matter, to brighten your mood. Spending your day enveloped by artificial light can wear on you. A brisk walk outside in the sunshine can turn your day around – but that’s not always possible.

Take advantage of the sun and let it shine in your home with help from a Skyvision skylight. Skylights are so much more than what they used to be. As a certified Solatube Installation consultant, Skylights Plus can bring the natural beauty of real sunlight into your home and provide cooling at the same time.

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